Our Philosophy

Founded in 2013, WholeMe was created by two women dedicated to developing nutrient-dense, delicious, convenient foods. Like many, their lives were busy and chaotic. WholeMe was created using real ingredients to fuel their active lifestyle. A real alternative to the preservative-filled, sugar-laden snacks that surround us.


 Our Story

WholeMe is the partnership of Krista Steinbach and Mary Kosir. Two smart, passionate women who realized the power that food has on their daily lives and want to make eating real, delicious food convenient and easy.

Earlier in 2014, we successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised over $40,000.  Matt Jasper created an amazing video.  You can view it  here.

Mary Kosir

The Kosir family thought they were healthy. But when Mary’s husband was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, it was time to re-evaluate.

The Kosirs kicked it up a notch. They embraced a healthier lifestyle, entering races together and adopting a grain-free diet. It began working wonders – everyone felt better and had more energy throughout the day.

But Mary wanted a snack once in awhile – one that was whole food-based, healthy, grain-free, and truly tasty. After a few red wine-laced brainstorming sessions, some crazy recipe ideas, and late night baking sessions, DateMe was born.

Krista Steinbach

You wouldn’t think that one of the founders of a company devoid of grains and white sugar would be a pastry chef in a former life – but at WholeMe, we like the “wild” things. Prior to WholeMe, Krista owned and operated a bakeshop and was head pastry chef at a top restaurant in the country.

While she still appreciates the craft of all; she follows a whole foods-based diet that is constantly evolving. After all, life is not black and white, and is best enjoyed (in her opinion) finding the balance that is right for you individually.

Krista and Mary met lifting heavy weights at CrossFit St. Paul. After the debut of DateMe from Mary’s kitchen, it didn’t take long for Krista and Mary to join forces to bring WholeMe to fruition and never look back!

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